Here's how it works

So, you're pretty bad at doing tasks and you hate it when your friends get access to your precious facebook account.
Cool, now let's connect the dots.

  • Pencil

    IT starts with a task

    Think of something you absolutely have to get done and type it in the app.

  • Friend

    Get a friend involved

    Now, choose a Facebook friend to make sure you get the job done.

  • Chat

    Complete the task... OR ELSE!

    If you fail to do the task, your friend will get to post to your facebook wall... as you.
    Oh, the possibilities.

How's that for motivation?

It's public humiliation vs getting stuff done. We hope you'll do your best and aim for the latter (especially if your mom is on your friend's list).


What's not to love? Stay tuned for updates.

We could use your help, let's make OR ELSE awesome before we ship.
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